Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to Staying at Home

Well, I fooled you all! And myself I guess! My little stint as a stay at home girlfriend was really quite short-lived - one week after my last day at my job, I already had another job! For most of April I worked part-time at John's company doing filing and organizing for one of John's co-workers. I only worked 20 hours a week, and on the days I didn't go in, I felt absolutely justified to completely zone out. I did clean and such, but I was mostly a lump on the sofa if I wasn't working. I managed to watch all 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory.
Then I worked for two previous co-workers who have moved on to doing their own thing, doing what I did before...project assistance, some personal assistant stuff too...and then for the last three weeks I was working at a showroom for a vendor I knew from my old job, whose employees I LOVE, and that was fun but not what I wanted to do on a full time basis.
It seems like based on the few connections I did make in three years at my old job I probably could pull off part-time employment for a while. I know John's company would hire me in a heart beat, but we spend too much time together as it is. But in the last two months I have managed to make some money, be able to spend some on stuff (I'm not going to lie, mostly crafting supplies, but also a plane ticket home for a wedding) and I have next month's rent tucked away, since John and I only agreed on him paying two months' rent.

But now I am back to full-time SAHG-ness, and I promise to be updating more. We have the saga of organizing my craft room, the cleaning of the shower, and I think I'm going to start posting the notes I write for John's lunches...I think they're pretty interesting.

Sorry again for the long delay!